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Poziv: 10th International Week 2019 at SRH University Heidelberg

Poštovani studenti,

Obaveštavamo vas da se u sredu, 28. avgusta 2019. godine, otvara registracija za „10th International Week 2019 at SRH University Heidelberg“. U daljem tekstu možete pronaći više informacija, kao i na sajtu https://www.hochschule-heidelberg.de/en/international/international-week/

Prenosimo vam poziv:

Registration process XING Events

As the registration process last year was a huge success and made registration, on-site organization and connection more effective, the university has continued the partnership with XING-Events. This description should cover the basic questions, that might come up during early registration: Once you follow the registration link on our website, you will be forwarded to an external page. There, you and your students will have the possibility to buy tickets. At first, you must choose a ticket category. (IMPORTANT: As you are lecturers you obviously do not have to pay, and are not a regular International Week participant. Please enter the promotion code SRH_Lecturer to make your ticket category visible. You can see that your ticket is reduced by 100%). Please note that you can purchase more than one ticket in case you or your students want to pay for multiple participants. Then you and your students can follow the registration process accordingly. If the registration process was successful, you will receive an e-mail with your ticket voucher. Please bring the ticket voucher for the check-in in October.

Please note that no cash payment is possible, only the payment options given by XING-Events.

Welcome Abendbrot

We invite you to the Welcome “Abendbrot” in our beautiful Sky Lounge on Sunday, 6th October 2019 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. There will be student helpers in the main university building (blue tower) to guide you.

University Presentation

As part of the programme all students have to prepare a group presentation about their university for Monday, 7th October. Please note that every presentation should not take longer than 3 minutes and is to be handed in by Sunday, 6th October, on a USB flash drive or via e-mail to us (internationalweek@hochschule-heidelberg.de). Please urge your students to follow this deadline accordingly, as we cannot deal with flash drives given to us 5 minutes before the presentation.

International Tasting

Also, we will have our International Tasting on Monday, 5 p.m. Please ask your students to bring or prepare something typical from your country. We suggest that the students spend 3 – 5€ per person.

For more information please visit our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: internationalweek@hochschule-heidelberg.de

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your students in Heidelberg soon!

All the best,

Your International Week Team“

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Poštovani studenti,

Konačni rezultati iz ispita Stanovanje 2 (julski ispitni rok) biće prosleđeni u četvrtak, 11.07.2019. u 8h.

Ukoliko neko želi da ponište ocenu, potrebno je da pošalje mail do tog termina.

Iz kabineta

Konkurs za studente

BEO Shopping Center, a new modern shopping centre to be built on the corner of the Vojislava Ilića and Mis Irbijeve streets, owned by MPC Properties, announces a competition for the creation of graphic design solution for the design of the part of the centre ceiling for all students of all faculties that are residents of the Republic of Serbia. All those who have completed any level of studies in the past year have the right to participate in the competition, and the participation is also allowed for students who have completed part of their studies abroad. The deadline for the submission of competition works is Sunday, September 22, 2019, and the winner of the competition, besides the fact that he/she will enrich the content of the BEO Shopping Center, will win the financial award in the amount of 3,000 euros. The decision on the winning work is made by an expert jury composed of persons engaged in the project of BEO Shopping Center, which can also decide that the chosen best solution will not be implemented. In this case, the best work of the registered ones will be awarded with a consolation prize of 500 euros. The results of the competition will be announced on Friday, October 18, 2019. BEO Shopping Center brings new shopping experience and innovative concept that follows the latest world trends in retail with more open surfaces, lots of natural light and greenery. With its construction, BEO will improve and enrich the content at a location where there is an exceptional need for a modern shopping destination, in whose immediate vicinity, in just a few minutes, there are over 350,000 inhabitants. The opening of the centre is planned for the spring of 2020.
Read more details about the competition at SC IV Decision on implementation of the competition ; SC IV_Konkurs za grafički dizajn plafona

AP3 / STIT OS – Obaveštenje

Poštovani studenti,

Upisivanje ocena i potpisivanje indeksa iz predmeta Arhitektonsko projektovanje 3Savremene teorije i tehnologije primenjene na arhitekturu, urbanizam i dizajn će se održati u utorak, 09.07.2019. od 11:00h- 11:30h u kabinetu 505.


kabinet 505



S2 – Uvid u ispit

Poštovani studenti,

Uvid u ispit predviđen je u sredu, 26.06. u 11h.

Studenti koji žele da ponište ispit dužni su da pošalju mail najkasnije do sutra u 15h.


Takođe, studenti koji se nisu informisali o poenima iz predispitnih obaveza, to mogu učiniti sutra u 11h.




SINTEZNI PROJEKAT – preuzimanje radova (naknadna predaja radova), obaveštenje za grupe 3, 4, 5, 6 i 7

Poštovani studenti,

Preuzimanje ocenjenih radova i uvid u predispitne obeveze nakon naknadne predaje radova iz predmeta Sintezni projekat predviđeno je u utorak, 25.06.2019. u 11h.

Iz kabineta

DE: Projektovanje enterijera preuzimanje radova

Poštovani studenti,

Obaveštavamo vas da će se preuzimanje radova iz predmeta Projektovanje enterijera održati u petak, 14.06.2019. u 11:30h u Kabinetu 505.

Kabinet 505

Stanovanje 2 – preuzimanje radova naknadna predaja

Poštovani studenti,

Obaveštavamo vas da će se preuzimanje radova predatih u naknadnom terminu održati u petak, 14.06.2019. u 12h u Kabinetu 505.

Kabinet 505

SINTEZNI PROJEKAT – Obaveštenje za grupe 3, 4, 5, 6 i 7

Poštovani studenti,


Naknadna predaja radova iz predmeta Sintezni projekat predviđena je u utorak, 18.06.2019. u terminu ispita (na početku).

Studenti koji u naknadnom roku isprave projekat i polože predispitne obaveze, mogu prijaviti i izaći na ispit u nekom od narednih ispitnih rokova (počevši do julskog ispitnog roka).

Ispit se sastoji iz projektantskog zadatka i traje 60 minuta.


Obaveštenje za studente koji su učestvovali na radionici:

Radionica nosi 30 poena i računa se kao zamena za ispit. Studenti koji su položili predispitne obeveze, mogi prijaviti ispit u junskom ispitnom roku.


Iz kabineta

Sintezni projekat- Ocene iz predmetnog projekta

Poštovani studenti,

Uvid u ocene i komentarisanje predmetnog projekta će se održati sutra (sreda, 12.06. u 12:00h, u kabinetu 505).


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