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My name is Gastón Saboulard, co-founder of I am contacting you to inform that we have just announced our architecture competition for students and it may be interest to your students:LISBON OPEN ROOM.

Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and was one of the most powerful industrial centres in the country. In the sixties European and Japanese automobile industries started to arrive to the United States. The quality of the Japanese product caused Detroit’s gradual loss in competitiveness and it is during these years that the city begins to desolate. Detroit currently has a total area of ​​359 km2, 800,000 empty structures and 33,500 abandoned homes. The most emblematic abandonment is the central railway station, the Michigan Central Station.

We propose to rehabilitate the abandoned Detroit’s central station to transform it into a hybrid building full of life, a centre for the Arts. Including spacious workshops, showrooms, selling points and meeting rooms. It will also be combined with artist’s residences and a small hotel for tourists that love art. A central station intended for people and culture interchange, with the purpose to regenerate the station’s area.
A jury composed by five internationally recognized architects will vote the winning projects according to the contest criteria:

  • Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT) -President
  • Lola Domènech – Invited architect
  • Bosch Capdeferro – Emerging Architect
  • Jonander Agirre – Young architect
  • Jordi Bernado – Photographer & Architect
Entry registration is now open to international undergraduate students and young architects who will be awarded separately from students prizes.  We encourage you to promote this competition among your students so they can take an advantage by early registration discount.
Download Material Guidelines
Your university could be the next ARCHmedium winner!

Gaston Saboulard

Co-founder ARCHmedium