Lisbon Open Room: architecture competition for students

Since 2008, the world has been going through a tough financial crisis, which has subsequently translated into a crisis of values. The big recession which originated in the United States specially affected Portugal, were there has been a high-level of unemployment and a lack of opportunities and public investment ever since the bubble burst.
We propose a polyvalent pavilion which allows multiple uses. By doing so, the public investment is reduced and optimised. It is a pavilion open to the citizens, activating the public space of the historical Alfama neighbourhood and articulating good architecture with limited resources.
It is a container that aims to react to the magazine- cover-like architecture that has been generated, instead relating to the historical context of the place, the socioeconomic conditions and the moral sustainability of the proposal. It is an architecture of values that seeks its referents in history, in vernacular architecture and in the Portuguese masters.
A jury composed by  six internationally recognised architects will vote the winning projects according to the contest criteria:

  • Teresa Batlle – President
  • Caterina Figuerola – Invited architect
  • Pedro Rodriguez – Local architect
  • Josep Ferrando – Young architect
  • Carolina Garcia – History of Architecture
Entry registration is now open to international undergraduate students and young architects who will be awarded separately from students prizes.  We encourage you to promote this competition among your students so they can take an advantage by early registration discount for groups, with up to 40% on the registration fee per team.
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